Manage Your Snoring and Sleep Apnoea with Our Skilled Dental Team

Snoring occurs when the relaxed tissues in your throat vibrate when the air flows past them as you breathe, causing them to make a hoarse sound. Snoring is almost universal, but chronic snoring can be a problem for many people. It is often linked to obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA).

Obstructive sleep apnoea is a serious sleep disorder characterised by repeated breathing interruptions during sleep. In this condition, the back of the throat collapses during sleep, blocking the airway. If left unmanaged, sleep apnoea can be a risk factor to severe health conditions such as hypertension, heart failure, strokes, heart attacks, and diabetes.

Fortunately, there are many treatment options available to help manage these conditions. At Joondanna Family Dental, we offer customised night guards that can be used to prevent airway obstruction during sleep and cumulative stress that can induce chipping and cracking of teeth.

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Advantages of Managing Snoring and Sleep Apnoea

Quality Sleep: Sleep apnoea patients stop breathing several times during sleep. When you stop breathing, your body awakens for a few minutes before breathing again, preventing you from achieving sufficient deep sleep to wake up refreshed the next day. Consequently, untreated sleep apnoea may contribute to poor performance at work or school and vehicular accidents.

Joondanna Family Dental is dedicated to helping people get a good night’s sleep. We offer customised night guards for snoring and sleep apnoea, which can help you breathe easily all night and feel well-rested during the day. If you are struggling with fatigue or impaired daytime performance, we encourage you to come in for a consultation.


Reduce Health Risk Factors: As a result of sleep apnoea, you tend to have higher blood pressure, which can cause arrhythmias and heart failure. Oxygen levels can drop repeatedly, and carbon dioxide levels can change. It also directly affects the heart by causing changes in pressure in the chest and increasing inflammation levels.

Patients with untreated sleep apnoea are more likely to develop heart disease or stroke. Snoring and sleep apnoea treatments can lower your risk of arrhythmias and heart failure. Joondanna Family Dental offers a customised night guard that will help you manage your sleep apnoea and reduce your risk of developing arrhythmias or heart failure.


Improve Mental Health: Depression is one of the known symptoms of sleep apnoea. Research has also shown that sleep apnoea can lead to depression. Another study found that sleep-disordered breathing increases depression. Depression is more likely to occur as sleep disturbances increase in severity.

At Joondanna Family Dental, we understand the importance of quality sleep and good mental health. That’s why we are committed to helping our patients get more restorative sleep and minimise their risk of depression. Our team is dedicated to helping you get the restorative sleep you need so you can live your best life, both physically and mentally.


Improve Diabetes Management: Diabetes can be more challenging to manage if you have sleep apnoea. Carbon dioxide in your blood increases when you stop breathing while you sleep. Furthermore, a study concluded that nondiabetic patients who suffer from obstructive sleep apnoea are at a greater risk of developing diabetes and resistance to insulin.

If you have diabetes, it is crucial to address any underlying sleep issues, such as sleep apnoea. At Joondanna Family Dental, we understand how important it is for people with diabetes to manage their sleep apnoea in order to manage their overall health. We will work with you every step of the way to create a customised treatment plan that works best for you.

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Confidence starts with good oral health, we are the dental team you can count on.

Why choose
Joondanna Family Dental?

With Joondanna Family Dental as your partner in oral healthcare, you can be confident in receiving the highest level of care and expertise. Our team is dedicated to providing a wide range of dental treatments, including snoring and sleep apnoea treatments, to address your specific health needs and goals. Contact Joondanna Family Dental today for holistic treatment options. We look forward to helping you achieve better health and wellness.
Joondanna Family Dental is proud to offer personalised treatment plans for patients suffering from snoring and sleep apnoea. We understand that everyone is different, and we tailor our approach to each individual patient. Our team of experts will work with you to create a plan that is specifically designed to address your unique needs. We believe that this personalised approach is the best way to achieve optimal results.
Joondanna Family Dental offers a wide range of sedation and relaxation options to help make your next dental appointment as comfortable as possible. Whether you’re feeling anxious about a procedure or you simply want to relax during your appointment, we have the perfect sedation option for you. We offer oral and IV sedation and nitrous oxide (laughing gas) for patients who would like a more mild form of sedation.
Joondanna Family Dental is open on weekends and holidays, making it a convenient choice for patients who need treatment for snoring and sleep apnoea. We offer a range of services to help patients improve their sleep quality, including occlusal splints and mandibular advancement splints. If you’re looking for a dental practice that can help you get a good night’s sleep, Joondanna Family Dental is the perfect choice.
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FAQs about Snoring and Sleep Apnoea

Many factors lead to snoring, including your mouth anatomy, your weight, allergies, nasal problems, sleep position, and alcohol consumption. In the process of transitioning from light sleep to deep sleep, your soft palate muscles, tongue muscles, and throat muscles relax. It is possible for the tissues in your throat to relax so much that they partially obstruct your airways and vibrate.

Snoring loudly might indicate sleep apnoea, a condition in which breathing repeatedly stops and starts while sleeping. It is caused by airway obstruction, which typically occurs during sleep when the soft tissues at the back of the throat collapse.

Your dentist may recommend a custom-made night guard if you clench, grind, snore, or suffer from obstructive sleep apnoea. Occlusal splints are custom-made to fit over the functional surfaces of upper or lower teeth to prevent cumulative stress that may cause chipping and cracking. They can also relieve muscle tension and joint pain. A mandibular advancement splint holds the jaw forward while you sleep to keep the airways open and not blocked.
Sleep apnoea causes breathing to stop repeatedly during sleep, resulting in loud snoring and daytime fatigue. Untreated, it can cause serious health problems such as high blood pressure and heart problems. In addition, sleep apnoea is associated with an increased risk of early death.
Snoring occurs when air doesn’t move freely through your nose and throat during sleep. Snoring doesn’t always mean there’s something wrong. It does not necessarily mean that you have obstructive sleep apnoea. When you have obstructive sleep apnoea, the snoring is accompanied by pauses in breathing due to collapsed or blocked airways. Following pauses of a few seconds to minutes, choking or gasping may occur.

A lot of people snore. Snoring is something that we all do at one time or another. A snore may emit small vibrations or whistles or a loud grumble, snort, or rumble. A person who snores may have a restless sleep, wake up with a sore throat in the morning, and feel fatigued during the day.

A snore may be a sign that you have sleep apnoea if it comes with any of these symptoms:

  • Suddenly waking up gasping or choking
  • Sleepiness or tiredness during the day
  • Morning headaches
  • Sore throat or dry mouth upon waking
  • Restless sleep
  • High blood pressure
  • Nighttime chest pain
  • Impairment of cognitive abilities, such as forgetfulness and difficulty concentrating
  • Affected moods, such as depression, irritability, and anxiety
    Sexual dysfunction
In general, sleep apnoea is a chronic condition that persists even after treatment. Most patients live with the condition their entire lives. Thankfully, consistent treatment can reduce symptoms significantly, resulting in better sleep and a better quality of life for patients.

Confidence starts with good oral health, we are the dental team you can count on.

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