Give Your Child a Fun, Positive and Quality Dental Experience With Our Children’s Dentist

Your child’s health comes first. An essential part of a child’s overall health is dental health. As the mouth is the gateway for food and air, we should ensure that children’s oral health is optimal.

A children’s dentist plays an important role in maintaining a child’s oral health for their entire lives. Their focus is on the unique changes in the gums, teeth, jaws, and teeth that occur as the body ages and grows. Children’s dentists provide dental examinations, diagnose dental issues, and provide dental treatment for infants, children, and teenagers.

At Joondanna Family Dental, children ages 1–17 receive quality dental education and care from our children’s dentists. They have all completed training in paediatrics and are qualified to work with children. We strive to make sure that your children have a fun and positive dental experience at our practice.



Benefits Of Regular Dental Check Up For Children

Prevention: Dental decay is one of the most frequent dental issues that can result from poor oral care. Your child should receive regular, stress-free dental care to prevent future issues that can cause pain and disrupt your child’s ability to learn, play, sleep, and grow. Regular dental care from a children’s dentist can prevent cavities and tooth decay from developing into more serious problems that might require extractions or implants.

At Joondanna Family Dental, we understand the importance of proper oral care for children. That is why we offer a range of preventive services to keep their teeth healthy and cavity-free. With regular dental check-ups, teeth cleanings, and cavity fillings, our team of children’s dentists can help your child maintain good oral health from an early age.


Dental Awareness: Children’s dentistry can also teach your children how to care for their teeth and develop good oral health habits. Having good oral health habits teaches your children healthy habits such as eating the right foods and keeping their teeth clean. These skills will make it easier for them to maintain healthy teeth for as long as possible.

At Joondanna Family Dental, children’s dentistry is where we provide quality dental care and education for children ages 1–17. Starting regular dental check-ups and good oral habits early on will benefit your child. It’s all about positive reinforcement at Joondanna Family Dental, and you can do it at home, too.


Healthy Teeth: Having healthy primary teeth is key to the development of healthy adult teeth and jaws. After all, our teeth not only affect the way we look, but they also play an essential role in our ability to eat and swallow properly. Children with healthy primary teeth can enjoy a variety of nutritious foods and derive proper nutrition from them, leading to optimal growth and development.

Joondanna Family Dental is committed to helping children develop healthy teeth and jaws. Through our quality dental care services, we always aim to promote good oral health for kids. Our skilled dentists have the knowledge necessary to keep your little ones’ primary teeth in great shape, allowing them to develop properly and set the stage for healthy adult teeth.


Helps Maintain Proper Occlusion: Not only do primary teeth play an essential role in speech development and chewing, but they also help to maintain the right amount of space for the adult teeth to come through. If the primary teeth are lost too early or damaged, it can interfere with proper jaw and tooth alignment. Furthermore, the eruption of primary teeth can influence not just the structure of your child’s jaw but also their bite alignment and growth patterns.

That’s where Joondanna Family Dental comes in. Our children’s dentist can monitor your child’s tooth alignment and recommend necessary treatment options to encourage the growth of straight and healthy teeth. With our attentive care and timely intervention, you can rest assured that your child will grow up with a beautiful smile that lasts a lifetime.

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Confidence starts with good oral health, we are the dental team you can count on.

Why choose
Joondanna Family Dental?

At Joondanna Family Dental, we believe that our extensive range of dental treatments and excellence in paediatric care make us the right choice for your family. With a broad range of dental treatments available, we provide quality care for kids of all ages, from toddlers and young children to teenagers who may be facing more complicated oral health issues.

Joondanna Family Dental is committed to providing personalised treatment plans for young patients. We provide quality care for kids of all ages, from toddlers and young children to teenagers who may be facing more complicated oral health issues. Our experts have the skills and resources to provide high-quality treatment that meets your child’s unique needs, whether they need simple oral health checks or more complicated restorative work.
Joondanna Family Dental is dedicated to providing quality care and a positive dental experience for your children. We understand that some kids may be nervous about visiting the dentist, so we offer a variety of sedation options to help them relax and feel comfortable. We have “happy gas” (nitrous oxide) available. It is a safe way to help your child feel calm and relaxed during their dental appointment.
Joondanna Family Dental is the perfect choice for your children’s dentist. We are open on weekends and holidays, so you can always bring your child in for an appointment at a time that is convenient for you. They don’t have to miss school, and you don’t have to take time off work. Our caring staff will provide the best possible care for your child.
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FAQs about Children’s Dentistry

As soon as your baby has teeth, they can develop cavities. Your child should visit a children’s dentist within six months of the eruption of their first tooth. By being proactive, you can help your child keep a healthy smile for life.

It is essential to choose the right dentist for your child. The following factors should be considered:

  1. Range of Services:
    Consider future treatments that your child may require. Choose a dentist who offers various services to improve dental health. But preventative treatments are a must. The key to children’s good oral health is prevention. Make sure your children’s dentist focuses on prevention rather than just fixing problems as they arise.
  2. Good with Children:
    Take note of how dentists and dental staff interact with your child. A good children’s dentist will find ways to make the treatment fun. They will engage the child and explain what is happening. If they are old enough, you can ask your child what they think about the dentist. Having a dental practitioner your child likes increases their likelihood of having a positive experience. Involve them in the process of selecting the dentist.
  3. Kid-friendly Environment:
    Make sure the dental clinic’s decor is fun and inviting for kids. Positive environments can make a world of difference when it comes to making your child feel comfortable at the dentist.
  4. Logistics:
    Choose a practice that’s close to your home or child’s school and has convenient hours, including weekends and holidays.
  5. Affordability:
    Choosing a children’s dentist should take into account the cost. Be sure that the children’s dentist accepts your insurance before going there. Find out if they provide payment plans as well.

Children’s dentists are trained to perform check-ups, cleanings, and other dental services for children of all ages, from infants to adolescents. You can expect your child’s dentist to keep children happy and comfortable while providing these services.

The first dental visit is about familiarising your child with the dentist’s chair. It usually involves a complete oral health examination that takes 30 minutes to an hour. The dentist will also show you how to properly take care of your child’s teeth.

A children’s dentist is exclusively focused on the oral health of children, as opposed to a general dentist who works with both children and adults. As with all dentists, general dentists must graduate from dental school. On the other hand, a children’s dentist has extra years of training.
Although the difference is not substantial, children’s dental treatment may be more expensive. This is because dental treatment for children requires expertise and special tools. Children often present unique challenges, such as anxiety. Pediatric dentists recognise that a positive dental experience will set children up for good oral health for the rest of their lives. They are adept at making dental treatment fun and comfortable for kids.

Confidence starts with good oral health, we are the dental team you can count on.

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