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You May Achieve the Smile That Can Make Everything Seem Better With Orthodontic Dentistry

Many individuals feel unhappy with the appearance of their smile. Generally, because their teeth are crooked or do not fit together properly, it not only brings an unattractive look but also causes a misaligned bite and increases the risk of other dental problems, such as tooth decay and gum disease.

A mouth crowded with teeth is more likely at risk of tooth decay and gum disease because there are areas that a toothbrush may be unable to reach, making them harder to keep clean. A poor bite may cause stress to the jaws and result in headaches, teeth grinding, and TMJ syndrome.

Orthodontic dentistry focuses on changing the positions of the teeth and jaw. One major goal is to improve their function while also enhancing their appearance by straightening them. It involves studying the patient’s dental records, like x-rays, photos, and impressions of the teeth. Joondana Family Dental offers cutting-edge orthodontic treatment known as Invisalign. It is a popular brand name for clear aligners that provide a more discreet treatment over traditional metal braces. Additionally, they can be more convenient because they are removable. Patients can take them out when brushing their teeth or eating.

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At our state-of-the-art dental clinic, we are proud to be a preferred provider of Invisalign for our patients. Using the most advanced 3D technology, we can take a precise digital scan of the teeth and customise a treatment plan accordingly. These are virtually invisible clear aligners made of a flexible thermoplastic material called SmartTrack. They are specifically made for the efficient treatment of misaligned teeth and bite problems. Each aligner is designed to gradually move the teeth into the desired position, resulting in a beautiful, healthy smile. Then, we will check the progression and create a new set of trays after a few weeks.

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Confidence starts with good oral health, we are the dental team you can count on.

Why choose
Joondanna Family Dental?

It can be challenging to look for a dental clinic that truly cares about oral health. Joondanna Family Dental has been providing cost-efficient orthodontics and other dental treatments near Tuart Hill and nearby areas. We continue to prioritise the following:
Joondanna Family Dental caters for a wide range of dental treatments, aiming to provide comprehensive oral care for every patient. We want you to receive the service you need under one roof and avoid the need to schedule an appointment at different dental clinics. Whether you need to address your orthodontic problems or prevent them in the future, our friendly team is ready to deliver you quality service.
When choosing a dentist, it is important to find a provider who can offer holistic care. Joondanna Family Dental takes this responsibility seriously and customises each treatment plan according to the unique circumstances of each patient. It allows us to address orthodontic problems, such as poor bite, crooked teeth, or spacing issues, and promote better oral health more efficiently.
At Joondanna Family Dental, we understand that some individuals may feel tenser than others when visiting a dentist. For these patients, we offer sedation options to help reduce discomfort and, at the same time, allow us to work on the mouth with less worry about the sudden movements of the patients. The dental professionals at the office will assess your overall health to find a suitable sedative.
You can now squeeze in your orthodontic appointment on a busy schedule and don’t need to take off from work or school. Joondanna Family Dental is open on weekends and even on holidays. This makes us more accessible and able to attend to your needs during extended usual office hours. Visit us today for a consultation.
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FAQs about Orthodontics

You can expect to wear your Invisalign for about 20 to 22 hours daily and only remove them during meals and oral hygiene practices. Here’s the procedure typically works:

  • Meet the dentist.
    It begins with the consultation, where the dentist will evaluate your smile and take an impression or digital scan of your teeth using the iTero Element scanner. Then, customise a treatment plan and further discuss the transformation process in detail.
  • Customisation of the aligners.
    You’ll have to wait until your Invisalign aligners are ready.
  • Pick up and fitting.
    Finally, we will try to fit your newly created aligners and check your smile. The dentist will assess if the high standards of Invisalign are being met. You may have soreness during the first few hours or days of wearing them. It means your teeth are starting to move slowly.
  • Routine checkup.
    An important part of the Invisalign process is seeing the dentist every few weeks. So, we can check your progress, whether or not they fit properly, and give you the next batch of aligners. Unlike other orthodontic treatments, fewer appointments to the dental clinic are necessary for clear aligners.

Orthodontics is essential for both function and aesthetics. It aligns the teeth into the ideal positions to improve your occlusion or the way the upper and lower teeth fit together. Proper bite helps to chew the food and enunciate words more efficiently. It is also easier to clean the mouth as there are fewer nooks or hard-to-reach spaces, which lowers the risks of dental problems.

Receiving orthodontic treatment may also relieve too much pressure on the teeth and jaws and address facial imbalances caused by a malocclusion. In addition, having straighter teeth changes the appearance of your smile into a more attractive and presentable look.

While every child is different, and some may need treatment at an earlier age, seven is generally a good age to start looking into orthodontic options. By this age, most kids are still developing their teeth and jaws, making it easier for the dentist to evaluate and address the problems. However, it is best to wait until all permanent teeth have erupted before getting orthodontic treatment. This typically happens at around 12 to 17 years old.

Generally speaking, early evaluation can be beneficial. The dentist can assess the teeth and mouth and may determine whether they pose a risk of potential orthodontic problems. This way, we can prevent them in the future by taking the necessary actions. If you’re concerned, don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment at our dental clinic near Tuart Hill.

Here are the following advantages of getting orthodontic treatments:

  • Prevents dental problems.
    By straightening your teeth, you are also protecting your gums and overall dental health because food debris is less likely to get stuck. At the same time, reducing the accumulation of bacteria, plaque, cavities, and the likelihood of bone loss and gum disease in much more severe cases of misaligned and crowded teeth.
  • Protects the teeth.
    Early orthodontic intervention for younger patients is important, particularly to create sufficient space for their growing permanent teeth. Otherwise, the crowding of the teeth may worsen.
  • Improves oral hygiene habits.
    As we’ve discussed, having straighter teeth and healthy dentition can ease brushing techniques. That may help you with maintaining your mouth clean and away from bacterial infection.
  • Enhance your smile.
    Many patients consider orthodontics mainly for dental enhancements. You may feel proud of your smile after your treatment.
  • Less dental emergencies.
    Dental injuries, such as a knocked-out tooth, chipping, or breakage, can be more common among people with protruding teeth (the upper teeth tend to push forward than usual). But with orthodontics, there’s a lower risk for such problems.
Orthodontic treatment is similar to any other treatment that can have adverse effects. It’s important for dental professionals to let you know about risks that are similar to this type of dental service and obtain informed consent from you. The risks of orthodontics may include gum damage, root resorption, enamel erosion, and tooth decay if you have poor oral hygiene. However, all of these can be avoided when performed by a qualified dentist and through a complete oral assessment. It’s also essential to note to inform us about your dental history, at-home dental care practices, and other related factors to help us execute a safe treatment plan.

Some cases are managed faster than others, while some may need a longer time to complete. The duration length depends on factors like the complexity of the problem and the type of orthodontic treatment. With Invisalign, the treatment may only last as little as six months. But you’ll start seeing improvements within a few weeks. You may complete the process from 12 to 24 months for more complex cases.

Every case is different, so we highly encourage you to consult the dentist to get an estimate of how long your specific treatment will take. Nevertheless, you will eventually achieve the beautiful, straight smile you’ve always wanted with dedication and commitment.

Orthodontic dental treatments can come with a high cost in Australia. But it still depends on individual circumstances. According to the annual national survey, the average price of metal braces and Invisalign are the following:

  • Traditional braces: $4,500 – $8,000
  • Invisalign: $4,500- $5,000 (minor treatment)
  • Invisalign: $6,000 – $9,000 (full treatment)

These are only the common price ranges. You can get a more accurate quotation during your dental appointment with your dentist.


Confidence starts with good oral health, we are the dental team you can count on.

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